What do you need to do in order to pay your debts?

Most of the debtors contacted by OTP Factoring have reached this situation due to some unexpected situations, such as: the depreciation of the national currency compared to the Swiss Franc (CHF), the temporary loss of their jobs, family issues or financial difficulties.

We understood this and we are here to help you pass through the unpleasant situation you are in. we will always take account of your situation and will always offer you the best solutions possible.

We encourage you to cooperate and be open when you are contacted by one of our colleagues. By doing so, we ensure you of our full availability in order to find an advantageous solution for the repayment of your debt.

Debt Management is the area in which all our colleagues are exceptional , so being contacted by us is actually a positive ; this means that you can solve your problems before it’s too late and before even more expensive financial and legal problems on your behalf will appear.